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Being the new wife takes on a new demension when the EX won’t let go. My true story…

March 29, 2000 – Another Call From the Church Elder August 15, 2007

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  Sometimes I think I am a hypochondriac.  Okay maybe that’s the wrong word…let’s try another word…clinically paranoid.  Is that even a medical term?  Who knows, my life, my thoughts, I’ll make up my own words. I know I am rambling incessantly – I can’t help it.

  All day I have teetered back and forth between feeling sexy now that my navel is pierced and worrying if I contracted some mysterious incurable disease from ACME, the place where I obtained the piercing. Better yet, I have alternated between contracting a disease to the more likely possibility that an infection is festering just under the surface of the skin.  Diligently, I have been following the instructions given to me by the “piercing experts,” but I still worry.  Even though it has only been 24 hours, washing and drying the piercing twice a day has already become an aggravation.  However, aggravation or not, my fear of the lockjaw overpowered the aggravation.

  That fear motivated me to call Dionne and gracefully bow out of dance practice tonight.  I kept envisioning one of the dancers accidentally kicking me in the stomach.  Or even better, while practicing the dance routine with the back over-the-shoulder roll, I could imagine all too clearly crashing into one of the other dancers and my navel ring tangled in someone’s hair.  I know it’s absurd, especially since I have never been kicked in any body part nor tangled in anyone’s hair, but my paranoia was overwhelming.  This led me to leaving work early, quickly putting on a baby tee exposing my new navel piercing, and heading straight to the mall. 

   Today was unseasonably warm.  The cute tee combine with a denim jacket gave me a funky yet comfortable look – perfect for shopping.  The first stop, Arhaus Furniture in Merchants Square. Since I was playing hooky from dance practice, I figured I should make the best of it.  My purchase list included bedroom furniture…yes I am still looking for new bedroom furniture, which pisses me off tremendously, and if I have time, more shirts that show off my navel ring.

  The highlight of my night…I found a bed that literally took my breath away.  An absolutely beautiful work of art, this bed was made of cream wrought iron with a filigree design on both the head and footboard. The filigree design contained an intricate pattern that alternated between swirls, circles, and flowers. I have never seen anything like it.  Considering my lack of readily available cash, I was thankful when the sales associate explained the one-year same-as-cash sales event. The stars were aligned in my favor – 20 minutes later, I was leaving Arhaus Furniture with a sales receipt in my purse and a delivery date scheduled for Saturday.  Darn! There goes shirt shopping I needed to find a mattress for my new king sized bed. 

  At Macy’s Furniture Gallery, I headed straight to the mattress section.  The last time I was here, I picked out the most decadent king-sized pillow top mattress.  Because I did not have a bed in mind, the need to purchase a new mattress was the least of my concerns.  The god’s were showing me favor, the mattress was on sale and available for delivery on Saturday. Then I saw it…a painted wood ensemble in the softest creamy white.  White is too harsh…the color of buttermilk is probably more accurate.  At that moment, I knew nothing else would satisfy my tastes; I had to have the dresser and chest of drawers as a compliment to the new wrought iron bed.  I was in love.  Within minutes, I had another one-year same-as-cash contract in hand and a third delivery scheduled for Saturday.

  I could not wait to get home and call Celeste. She knew how stressful furniture shopping was…not really knowing what my tastes were, anxiety over the idea of making a major purchase – alone, and even worse knowing that I was operating on such a tight budget that I would not be able to afford the type of bedroom furniture that took my breath away. The type of furniture I found today.

  For the first time in months, I was looking forward to going home and planning how I would decorate the rest of my bedroom.  The last few weeks I had been so angry with Bryce and the world at large that this brief moment of piece felt like a safe haven in the midst of a raging storm.  I was startled to find myself pulling in the driveway of the home I used to share with Bryce. Refusing to dwell on that thought, I grabbed the phone as soon as I shut and locked the front door to check my messages first prior to calling Celeste.

  “Hello, this message is for Angel.  Angel, this is Melodie, call me when you get in.” No big deal I thought, I’ll call Melodie quickly before I call Celeste. I figured whatever Melodie wanted, we could discuss in five minutes or less.  That is all I had the patience to give to serious conversation tonight – I wanted to laugh. 

  “Hello, may I speak to Melodie?”

  “This is she. Is this Angel?”

  “Yes, I hope it’s not too late, but I just received your message.  Is everything alright?”

  “Absolutely.  Actually, I wanted to talk to you about Terrence.  After our meeting last night, he really opened up and began talking to me about some personal issues that he is currently dealing with.  Have you talked to Terrence recently?”

  “Actually no. I had no idea that he was dealing with some personal issues.”

  “Well, I am not at liberty to discuss them, but I will say, if Terrence is willing to open up, you will be able to understand what he is going through.  Terrence really needs a friend right now.  A friend he can trust.”

  “Okay, I will call him.  Do you have his new number? ”

  “All I have is his pager number. I am sure if you leave him a message, Terrence will return your call.”

  After writing down Terrence’s pager number, we ended the call and I left Terrence a message on his pager. My curiosity was getting the best of me. I wonder what this could be about.


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