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March 28, 2000 – A Call From the Church Elder August 8, 2007

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    With all of the activities Bryce and I have participated in over the years, not receiving a phone call from someone at the church at least once every two weeks would be odd. Therefore, when I answered the phone around 8:00 o’clock this evening and heard the voice of Elder King on the other end, I was not surprised.

  “Good evening Angel.  How are you doing?”

  “Pretty good Melodie and yourself?”

  “Blessed Angel, truly blessed.  I was calling because I am on my way to a meeting with an old friend of yours, Terrence Powers.  Apparently, I have lost his number and I need to let him know that I am running late.  Do you have it?”

  “Wow, I haven’t talked to Terrence since he called the house looking for Bryce. Before then it had been almost a year. The only number I have in my phone book is 317-555-1212.”

  “That’s the same number I have and it is not in service. Is there anyone else you know who might have his number?”

  “Yes, actually the best person to call would be Jeremy and Julia Jamison they are god-parents for each other’s children. Do you have their number?”

  “Yes, I do.  I’ll give them a call.  Thanks for your help.”

  “Oh yeah, as a back up, you can also call Julia’s sister, Teresa.”

  “I have both of those numbers.  Thanks again!”

  I guess I was in the right place at the right time.  It actually is surprising that Melodie called me before Jeremy and Julia.  Bryce and I were never extremely close to Terrence and his wife, Angelina.  Actually, about six years ago (before Bryce and I were even married) the four of us attended a different church together and at times participated in the same activities.

  When Terrence was involved in a car accident, I volunteered the use of my car for a few weeks during the day while I was in college.  Terrence and his wife lived near the university and their work schedules were in harmony with my school schedule, which made this arrangement convenient for both of us.  Typically, I arrived on campus at 7:45 a.m. and departed around 5:30 p.m. – between classes and my job in resident assistance there was no need for me to leave.  Again… a product of being in the right place at the right time.

  Bryce actually had what I would classify as a good relationship with Terrence, but Angelina was aloof.  When using my vehicle she was very nice and we would talk in the evenings when they picked me up from work.  At one point I thought we were going to develop a close relationship, however, when they no longer needed transportation assistance, Angelina became very distant.   She never returned any of my phone calls or invited me to gatherings at their home or any of the things “friends” actually do.  Eventually, that time in my life faded into the background as I lost interest in one-sided relationships.
  A couple of years later, 1996 to be exact, after Bryce and I were married we were officially inducted into the “married couples club” at church.  We were invited to events that included Terrence and Angelina and we developed an acquaintance status.  They were a fun couple to spend time with; Angelina often became the life of the party with her practical jokes and Terrence found a competition in everything.  Nevertheless, Bryce and I always remained on the periphery of their lives.

  Almost one year later Bryce and I began attending a new church – the church that I attend today alone without Bryce. It seems as though I have seen Terrence and Angelina a maximum of four times since then. Which is why I am surprised that Melodie called me before Jeremy and Julia.  Hhmmm…


2 Responses to “March 28, 2000 – A Call From the Church Elder”

  1. Ariana Says:

    The suspense is killing me. May we please have another post… soon.

  2. Ariana,

    Finally…I have posted. Happy Blogging!

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