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March 26, 2000 (Early Evening) – Furniture Shopping August 4, 2007

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  My shopping expedition for bedroom furniture began this afternoon at Macy’s in Castleton Mall. Based on this experience, I decided that I absolutely, without question or doubt, abhor furniture shopping!  Never in my entire life, did I know there were so many furniture stores located within the Indianapolis area. Macy’s was selected because; I could combine furniture shopping with clothes shopping. That way I was guaranteed some measure of success. Even if I failed to procure a bedroom suite I was guaranteed to leave the mall with a fabulous pair of shoes.

  Once inside Macy’s Furniture Gallery, I was immediately overwhelmed with the sheer number of choices available to me. Prior to leaving the house, I had not given the furniture selection process enough thought.  My only predetermined decision consisted of:

• a queen sized bed;
• a firm mattress;
• a dresser; and
• a chest of drawers. 

  While walking through the Furniture Gallery, I was accosted by hundreds of manufacturers, styles, and colors.  Not to mention a wide range of prices and varying degrees of quality.  There were sleigh beds, poster beds, and beds made of wrought iron.  There were twin size, full size, queen size, and two types of king sized beds.  Wood choices became difficult – maple or pine, hard wood or softer woods, or no wood at all.  Why do furniture stores carry such large selections of furniture?  How am I supposed to select quality furniture within my budget? What if upon delivery I decide I hate my purchase – can I return it?

  Immediately intimidated, I flagged down the nearest sales consultant.  (Is sales consultant politically correct?) Two hours later, I left Macy’s Furniture Gallery, without making a purchase, but with a greater level of understanding of my likes and dislikes. With the help of the ever so friendly Roxanne, Wonder Woman Sales Consultant, I had a list of bedroom suites I really liked with catalogs describing not only the set, but also other available complimentary pieces within the same group offered by the manufacturer.

  While in the car, I cried at the unfairness of it all.  Why do I have to give back to my soon-to-be ex-mother-in-law the bedroom furniture she gave Bryce after we married? “Enough Angel”, I chastised myself, “you are on a mission.  Now get to it!” My next stop was Crate&Barrel in Fashion Mall at Keystone.


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  1. Well done, great blog and great posts!!!

  2. Thanks! I hope you continue reading. Happy blogging!

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