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March 20, 2000 – Hiring An Attorney July 26, 2007

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  Facing reality is necessary, even for those of us who have hidden ourselves in a cloud of delusion.  While I may not want a divorce, the fact still remains that Bryce has filed a Complaint for Divorce.  Doing nothing is not in my best interest nor in my nature.  With my first court date looming in the distant future, hiring an attorney is inevitable in this matter.  I refuse to allow Bryce to take advantage of me any longer.

  This was the first time I ever hired an attorney.  Therefore, my search began with contacting my close friends and trusted colleagues, even my mother who officially was working towards her third marriage. At this point any level of experience was better than my experience, which equated to None. In the end I decided to contact Janice Thompson, an attorney referred to me by Dr. Ellis. Why I asked his advice, I don’t really know. I guess I figured it wouldn’t hurt considering his vast experience counseling men and women going through seperation and divorce.

  The phone call to Mrs. Thompson, was actually rather uneventful.  My initial hesitation over completing this undesirable task, was quickly eliminated by her pleasant yet efficient manner.  It was fortunate that I was able to speak directly to Mrs. Thompson, as I quickly learned that most of her time during normal working hours is spent in Court representing clients.  Within 20 minutes I learned that she was in private practice, but sharing office space with one other attorney.  Although a relatively “new” attorney – meaning she had been practicing about five years, Mrs. Thompson was known for her tenacity in the Courtroom, her desire to obtain equitable footing for her clients, as well as her compassion.  Also, her willingness to put me on a payment plan for payment of her retainer tipped the scales in her favor. I am damn near broke! At the end of our conversation, I had an appointment for tomorrow.

  Apparently, I only have a certain number of days from the receipt of the Complaint for Divorce to file a response, also known as an Answer.  In a previous life I worked in the legal field and knew that Mrs. Thompson, had to prepare a great deal of paperwork on my behalf. There goes a quiet evening…I am supposed to bring the Complaint for Divorce; bank statements; insurance policies; retirement plans, health insurance information; W2’s; tax returns, credit card statments and statements for other debts; household expenses i.e. gas and electric bills, water bills, etc.; mortgage statements; loan statements; stock certificates and the list goes on and on and on and on. 

  This ought to be fun!

  Oh yeah, I almost forgot! I attended dance practice!


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