Bitter Ex-Wives & Other Freaks of Nature

Being the new wife takes on a new demension when the EX won’t let go. My true story…

March 13, 2000 (Evening) – Girl Power July 17, 2007

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  The rest of the afternoon, dragged on endlessly.  I pretended to work whenever my boss walked past my desk – even though I spent half the afternoon in the bathroom crying and the other half on the phone alternating between Celeste and my mom.  How could Bryce treat me this way?

  Thank God for Celeste. I honestly don’t know what I would do without her. When I arrived home from work Celeste was sitting in my driveway with two bottles of Riesling.  Initially, I figured being drunk was the best way to deal with this catastrophe. 

  “Celeste, remember when Bryce snuck into the house last December to move his clothes and other personal items?  Now he walks around with his chest puffed out, but last December he was too much of a coward to move out when I was home!  The nerve of him!”

  “I know Angel, he is such a prick!”

  “Well I showed him!  The next day I went to Home Depot and purchased a new set of locks.  I remember that Sunday, as if it was yesterday.  Bryce’s friend Terrence called to talk to him – saying something about they had not talked for a while and he wanted to see how Bryce was doing.  For a minute, I almost lost my courage to finish the job.  I didn’t want anyone to know Bryce had moved in with his mother. It had only been a couple of weeks; even though these living arrangements were supposed to be temporary, it was so embarrassing.”

  “Remember when he tried to sneak into the house again?”

  “Of course I do! Bryce was so pissed when his keys did not work. Did he really think he could just waltz in and out of the house, whenever he wanted to with no regard to how I would be affected?”

  After two glasses of wine, I was feeling a little tipsy and warm all over. Drinking myself into oblivion might have been my greatest idea ever.  Replaying hate moments when I bested Bryce was extremely empowering.  I needed to conjure up a few more stories.

  “Celeste, remember when Bryce came over for Christmas to pick up the gifts I made for his family?”

  “Yes honey! That was the funniest thing I ever heard.”

  “I fucked him up! He stood there in my face whining about how much Margo needed him.  Margo this…and Margo that…Yeah Bryce, Margo’s a whore! Any woman that can sit in another woman’s home with her family, then turn around and screw her husband is a whore! Is that what you want Bryce?  A whore? A woman who has no regard for the sanctity of marriage? A woman who runs around with this man and that man?  You are not special, you are nothing more than another dick.”

  “I know Angel; women like her make it hard for good women like us.  You are a better woman and deserve more than what Bryce has to offer. If he wants a trifling woman like Margo, he will never be good enough for you.”

  “You are right! Thinking back to that night, I could not believe that he actually stood in my face and defended her. I kept getting angrier and angrier as Bryce told me not to judge Margo. ‘That might have been in Margo’s past, but you can’t hold that against her’ he said. Celeste, that was when I lost my mind. Before I knew what was happening, I ran across the room and tackled Bryce like a defensive lineman on Monday Night Football! Even when he hit the floor, Bryce didn’t know what hit him! By the time he recovered I was pummeling him with everything from my fists to books and magazines.  If Bryce hadn’t been screaming like a girl, I don’t think I would have ever returned to my right mind.”

  “Of all of the women I know who are in the process of getting divorced and all the women I know who are actually divorced, I think that was the funniest story I ever heard! Bryce is such a punk; he pretends to be macho, but I can just see him lying on the floor screaming like a girl! Obviously Margo, is pumping his ego and filling his head with lies.  A man with ego only is not really a man.”

  After drinking the second bottle of wine, I laid my head on Celeste’s lap and cried.  Inebriation is not bliss.

  “Celeste, sometimes I want to die.” Quietly, while softly stroking my head, Celeste spoke words of encouragement as only a best friend could.

  “Angel, the world does not begin and end with Bryce. You have great potential with or without Bryce in your life.  Don’t allow his failure as a husband cause you to give up on life. You are a wonderful woman with a long life ahead of her – don’t give up. One more thing Angel…you need counseling.” 


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