Bitter Ex-Wives & Other Freaks of Nature

Being the new wife takes on a new demension when the EX won’t let go. My true story…

March 11, 2000 (Evening) – Playing Detective July 8, 2007

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  The woman Bryce was having an affair with is a singer in the band. 

  Many times, I contemplated killing Margo.  When Bryce first joined the band, we would invite different members over to our home for drinks or dinner or movies.  Margo was always included in these little gatherings. Unfortunately Margo, was not satisfied with an invitation to my home.  She also wanted an invitation into my husband’s bed.  Little Miss Margo Kennedy – three years my junior, still in college and living at home. I didn’t see her coming.

  Initially, Bryce’s erratic behavior tipped me off that something was wrong. His waning sexual desire.  His constant need to hang out late at night and all weekend long with the guys – away from home.  The mysterious dinner receipts date stamped by the restaurant register at times when Bryce claimed to be either at work or band rehearsal. Next, it was the casual hints about Bryce and Margo’s “closeness” dropped by some of the band members while in conversation that solidified the reality that something was dreadfully wrong. Finally, it was the night when Bryce just didn’t come home from work…

  Armed with the knowledge of the affair and Bryce’s sudden relocation to California, I decided to call Margo’s mother.  I needed to know if Margo had relocated as well.

  Call me a chicken, but I was afraid to make the call myself. This is where I thank God and send up offerings of thanksgiving for good girlfriends.  One thing every woman needs is a best girlfriend to call on in times of need.  This was my time of need so I called Celeste. “Celeste! Please call Margo’s mom. Pretend that you are one of the band members and ask to speak to Margo.  Tell her you missed the last band rehearsal and had a question about one of the new songs you are working on.”

  Feeling like an eighth grader, I give Celeste Margo’s telephone number.  As I listen to the conversation between Celeste and Mrs. Kennedy while on 3-way, I silently cry.  “I’m sorry, but Margo doesn’t live here anymore.  What?…  You didn’t know?… Yes, Margo and her fiance Bryce moved to California.  You know, Bryce the young man who plays the piano in the band.  They moved last weekend…”


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